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The Voluntary Carbon Market is growing

The Voluntary Carbon Market is also growing and has doubled year on year, with demand outstripping supply., Mark Carney started The Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets – after COP26. $300 Billion USD Market Opportunity* VCM grew in value towards $2 Billion in 2021. Quadrupling in market value from 2020, ESG Projects are focused on delivering $50 million USD in annual Voluntary Carbon Credit revenue by 2025, averaging $13.50 per tonne at today’s market price.

voluntary carbon credit

McKinsey predicted a potential increase of the voluntary carbon credit price to $150 per tonne by 2030. These credits will be used to support the ESG Global Projects hub requirements through the market opportunity that it has identified in its outline research and business plans. At the recent (which summit?) summit the introduction of Land Credits, Sea Credits and Biodiverse Credits were all debated. Each of these need to be aligned to identify with specific organisational requirements and need.